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Maa Dewri Temple   Ranchi

About Maa Dewri Temple

According to the legends, it is believed that whoever tried to change the temple structure has come across severe consequences because of the rage of the Gods. Because of this, the temple structure of Maa Dewri Temple has never been changed since earlier times. Alongside the Brahmin priests, there are six tribal priests known as Pahans who worship in this temple and take part in different rituals and prayers. It is the only temple where the

ribal priests are allowed to worship the Goddess.

  • Nearby Airport:-Ranchi,Jamshedpur(Tatanagar)
  • Nearby Railway Station:-Tatanagar,Ranchi,Muri
  • Nearby Cities:-Ranchi,Jamshedpur



The temple of Mata Dewri is an architectural wonder. The temple is very old and at present the renovation is going on. The awe-inspiring fact about Maa Dewri Temple is that the temple is made up of big stone placed one over another without using any cementing material. Inside the sanctum sanctorum, the 700 - year old idol of Goddess Durga with 16 hands is consecrated along with Lord Shiva. The Jharkhand Govt. has allotted an a

re land for the beautification of the temple surroundings.